Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dreaming of Spring Meadows

We finally made a decision. Or I should say, I've finally made a decision on our little girl's bedding. Before Christmas, I picked out this set. Isn't it cute?

My parents wanted to buy it for us. And since we announced that we're having a little girl, my mom has been all over me! But I just couldn't decide what set to get. There are so many cute sets. And the cold and dreary weather didn't help either!

But the minute I saw this set, I was in love. My parents bought every single item that was included! Way more than we would have ever gotten! Even doubles of some things! Wow! I'm sure they spent well over $500. And it means so much to us!

I honestly can't wait to put our little girl in her crib. With all her new things. Especially since all of our bedding and decor came in this morning! I'm going to hold off washing it and putting it up. You know, until we paint the nursery and get a little closer to my due date.

But I did enjoy looking through all the boxes. Everything is so perfect! And it makes me wonder about all the time we're going to spend with our little girl in her room. It's so exciting to think about! Thank you mom and dad! We love it! ★