Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4 Days Overdue

Yes, I'm 4 days overdue! What the heck do I do? I really can't handle being pregnant any longer. I'm HUGE! And I really can't do much. So I started doing some research. Lola works with my OB/GYN. And she suggested sex. Are you serious? I highly doubt Jacob wants to come near me. But if labor doesn't start by tonight, well I might have to try.

But I did find this website. With lots of other great things to try. Because spicy food doesn't work when you have enjoyed it your entire life! So we're all adults here. Yes, I might have to look past the fact that I'm a good 35lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. And that I can barely breathe when I talk. But if having some alone time with my hubby helps to start my labor, I'm all in. You know, that's how we made this little girl in the first place! ★

*Sorry mom, grandma, and anyone else that reads this and wants to die! But I seriously can't take another day of being pregnant!

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