Sunday, April 25, 2010

Days and Night

Don't babies usually have their days and nights all mixed up? Amelie had hers completely confused. Until 2 nights ago. Now she knows when to be awake and when to sleep. And she only gets up twice at night to feed. She eats, burps, has her diaper changed, and goes right back to sleep.

But until that time, it was rough. Oh, and my days and nights are all mixed up too! And I have to be up to feed Amelie. Because I'm breastfeeding. So this chair has been my best friend! I thought it was expensive when we bought it. But I'm so glad we bought it!

With the matching ottoman. A complete necessary!

Honestly, this was our best purchase! It's so comfy. And necessary for our late night feedings and snuggle time. I'm glad we decided to invest a little more money in a nice chair for the nursery. ★

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