Friday, April 30, 2010

Big Storm

We had a bad storm last night. The wind was so incredibly strong! Everything was blowing around. Jacob had to go out and try to tie down and secure things around here. And get all the animals safely locked into the barn. Because the storm came suddenly. And it was very strong!

So bad that our power went out. And our landlines. We had no cable, no internet, and cellphones barely worked. I'm not sure how people survive through real scary tornadoes.

But we were lucky. We're perfect and healthy! None of our animals died or got hurt. For the most part, our plants and trees survived the storm. Our neighbors weren't so lucky. They're trees fell on their house. And they aren't completely sure of what kind of damage they're looking at. They stayed with us last night. And have an inspector checking their house today.

Today, the weather is perfect! And Amelie is all smiles. Is it possible for newborns to smile? Or am I just imagining these things? Well, Jacob is working hard to clean up the property. And I'm going to spend the day snuggling with Amelie. Thanking God that he kept us all safe. ★

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